Microprocessors for Use in Aviation Systems

ASIC Single Core Microprocessors with full DO-254 compliance and associated documentation

  • All major non-aviation applications require ever faster and more powerful microprocessors
  • Computational power can be increased by increasing clock frequency, but this also increases operating temperature to critical limits.
  • The only way to increase computational power is to distribute it over several processor cores (MCP – multi core processors)
  • With increase in number of cores, the complexity of MCP’s increases to a level where they are no longer fully comprehendible and therefore can not be used for safety critical applications
  • Single core processors are going out of production; those still produced do not have sufficiently documented design for passing airworthiness certification

General aviation lacks simple, airworthy microprocessors.

The Solution:

Development of ASIC Single Core Microprocessor with full DO-254 compliance and associated documentation, qualifying for type approval by EASA.

Ulrich Fräbel, general manager of HAT, has previously successfully led the EASA-Certification of such monocore superscalar microprocessor chip at Rolls-Royce.

These chips are now being used in Trent 1000 / Boeing 787 (Dreamliner); Trent XWB / Airbus A350 und recent BR700 Series of Business Jet Engines.

This  strategy is practically proven.